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Kitchen Scissors

  • Kitchen Scissors With Nut Cracker

    Kitchen shears can be a very handy tool to have around the kitchen. We can use them for everything from separating a chicken to snipping pita triangles. But is it really necessary to go out and buy a special pair? We wonder because for years we've gotten by just fine using...
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  • Kitchen Scissors WIth PP Handle

    1.Multipurpose Kitchen Scissors: The kitchen scissors performs well with it's ultra sharp blades and highly precise cuts in almost all kitchen tasks ,including cutting meat, chicken,bones, butterflying poultry,opening bottles, cracking hard shell and nuts, scraping fish...
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  • Multi Purpose Kitchen Shear Scissors

    The main advantage to using kitchen shears is that they make quick work of slow or tedious tasks — think cleaning shrimp and removing the stems from kale. They also eliminate the need for a cutting board and are often safer than using a knife because your hands are away from...
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  • Stainless Steel Professional Poultry Scissors

    MULTIFUNCTION KITCHEN SHEARS. Heavy duty for easy cutting of meat, poultry, vegetables, trimming fat etc. No need for a knife and board.
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  • Kitchen Scissor KItchen Shear

    Break down meat by cutting it apart. Scissors cut into slippery meats, including fish, and small spaces with less difficulty than knives. Stick the scissor tips into the belly of the fish near the tail. Cut along the belly to the head. Use the scissors to snip off the head...
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  • Scissors Multifunction Kitchen Scissor

    Ergonomic handles that keep your fingers and palm comfortable when squeezing shears, even when your hands are wet, or sticky/slick from food juices.
    Ingenious, interchangeable handle design means shears can be used by both left and right handed person.
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  • Durable Kitchen Scissors

    ​Kitchen and Herb Scissors are a tool you'll always want within reach, ideal for cutting cardboard, twine, flowers, meat, vegetables and more.
    Soft, comfortable grip features cushioning pads that absorb pressure while you cut.
    Use the herb stripper above the...
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  • Kitchen Scissors With Plastic Handle

    Features and common uses of kitchen shears: Poultry shears – Trim off fat or skin, create bite size pieces, or even spatchcock / butterfly a whole bird - much safer than using a knife on slippery chicken.
    Meat scissors – Make lardons, shred cooked meat, trim fat...
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  • Scissors With Soft Grip Rubber Handles

    Kitchen Shears are specially-designed scissors for the kitchen. They are not shaped like regular scissors; they are shaped like shears. Some are specially made for poultry and fish, with one of their blades being a serrated one to help cut through flesh such as chicken...
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  • Premium Kitchen Cutting Scissors

    Kitchen scissors are versatile and can be used as a bottle opener or as a walnut clip. They can also be used as scissors. They are all-in-one, which is efficient and practical. It is the best choice for kitchen scissors.
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  • Household Kitchen Scissors

    [Usage] Fish open belly cut chicken pieces 丶 clip walnuts open beer 丶 cut vegetables leaves 丶 cut cooked chicken
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  • Kitchen Scissors for Cutting Bone

    kitchen scissors for cutting bone Special information: Advantage: 1.This scallion scissors have 5 layers, it’s very convenience for you to cutting scallion. The scallion scissors use good quality stainless steel & PP. We will offer you a free small brush as gift, If you...
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