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Scissors Origin
Jul 25, 2018

According to archaeological data, ancient Egyptians began using bronze casting scissors as early as the 3rd century BC. Scissors and some medical tools are portrayed on the walls of the Temple of Kom Ombo. Therefore, scholars generally believe that the Egyptians took the lead in using surgical techniques.

Note: Some scholars believe that U-shaped scissors have appeared in Europe in the 5th century BC. (It is still controversial whether it is true, but it has been mentioned in academic reports and papers. I would like to explain this.)

But the above-mentioned scissors are not the cross-type used today. Today's style of scissors is thought to have appeared in the 1st century AD by archaeologist Flinders Petrie. In the 5th century AD, Isidore of Seville, Spain, described tailors and hairdressers to use this scissors as their primary tool.

Currently in China, the most famous scissors producers are Zhang Xiaoquan and Wang Mazi.

In addition, the history of scissors in China is quite long. At present, the scissors unearthed in the Western Han Dynasty tombs in Luoyang have been around for more than 2,100 years. Moreover, in the 6th century AD, scissors were introduced to Japan by China, and mass production began in the Edo period in Japan.

This can be seen from the Tang Dynasty poet He Zhizhang's "Wu Liu" poem "I don't know who the fine leaves are cut out, the spring breeze looks like scissors". The long-established paper-cut art of the folks also proves the long history of scissors in China. The pictographic meaning of the Chinese character "cut" means "there is a knife in front of the knife." The ancients also called scissors "dragon knife", which shows its importance in life. The earliest existing scissors in China are found in the tomb of the five years of Xining in the Northern Song Dynasty in Luoyang. In the middle of the knife and the knife, the axis is fixed, the fulcrum is installed, and the fulcrum is placed between the knife and the knife. . This kind of scissors uses the principle of leverage, which is convenient and convenient to use.

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