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Jul 25, 2018

stove selection

The cooktop is an indispensable accessory in kitchen utensils. The choice of the cooktop must first be based on the design of the kitchen equipment. The style has embedded and desktop. If it is embedded design, the switch is placed on the top. If the cooktop is a table top, the selector switch is on the front so that it matches the design of the entire kitchen.

When purchasing a cooker, it is necessary to strictly control the quality, because the quality of the cooker is directly related to the safety of family and property. The state has a management system for such products. Therefore, to purchase products with production license manufacturers, it is necessary to review the product quality inspection report and quality certificate.

When purchasing a cooker, you should check whether the ignition system is safe and reliable, whether the combustion system is fully burned, whether the heat regulation is flexible, whether the carbon monoxide content in the exhaust gas is less than 0.05%, and purchase it at a professional store to avoid buying counterfeit products. To configure the cooker, it is best to entrust the kitchen manufacturer to handle it. Modern commercial kitchens are best made with 316# stainless steel.

basin purchase

The basin is an essential accessory in kitchen appliances and is the most basic equipment for washing. The basins in household kitchen utensils are generally made of stainless steel. There are two types of single tanks and double tanks. Although the price of the double tanks is relatively high, it is very convenient to use. Therefore, as long as the area allows, double tanks should be equipped as much as possible.

When purchasing a water basin, the processing quality should be observed. There are no obvious quality defects such as trachoma and crack. The groove of the basin should be smooth and complete, no burr, no unevenness. The thickness of the general stainless steel basin is 1 About millimeters, pay attention to the size of the basin when purchasing. It should be the same as the size of the washing cabinet or the table.

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