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  • Stainless Steel Fruit Knife

    Stainless steel fruit knife Special information: Advantage: 1.This fruit knife is made of ABS material, the length of the shank is lengthened to give the user a better grip, while the sharp blade makes the cutting smooth, and the food grade steel allows you to use it with...
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  • Beauty Scissors with Box

    Beauty scissors with box Special information: Advantage: 1.Cute pink beauty scissors, it is use in trim hair.You can trim hair by yourself at home, if have this tool. Save your time & money from beauty salon!Small and convenient, safe and easy to store. 2.Product is a...
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  • Stainless Steel Vegetable Fruit Kitchen Knife

    Features: 1. Made form zirconium oxide, anti-bacteria, anti-fouling, non-toxic and non-corrosive. 2. Super hard, high-density and sharp blade, not easy to blunt. 3. No reaction with any food and can preserve the original color and taste of the food, keep the foods's...
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  • Small Paring Knife

    Small paring knife Special information: Advantage: 1.This stainless steel peel knife is made of 304 food grade stainless steel, you can use it with confidence, don't worry about any influence on the ingredients, the hardness of the blade is high, the peeling consistency...
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  • Stainless Steel Kitchen Knife

    Stainless steel kitchen knife Special information: Advantage: 1.If you are looking for a chef's knife that can be easily sliced, diced, and chopped, then this chef's knife will be your first choice; this chef's knife will make you feel comfortable and easy to...
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  • Kitchen Six Pieces Kitchen Suite

    Kitchen six pieces Kitchen Suite Special information: Advantage: 1.Nylon hot plastic rubber, with color to embellish the kitchen, give life a little color. Colorful handle design, add color kitchen, wake up cooking interest! 2.It is especially suitable for non-stick cooker....
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  • Kitchenware Meat Stainless Steel Knife

    Kitchenware meat stainless steel knife Special information: Advantage: 1.The biggest feature of this stainless steel steak knife is that it can be used safely and safely through food testing. At the same time, the serrated blade toughness guarantees the continuity of cutting...
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  • LED Light Eyebrow Tweezers

    LED light eyebrow tweezers Special information: Advantage: 1.This eyebrow tweezers with a LED light. The eyebrow tweezers have deal with special antibacterial treatment. Humanized design, the top of eyebrow tweezers is more sharp, can clip accurate. 2.Eyebrow tweezers with...
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  • Nail Clipper is Help Deal with Dead Skin

    Nail clipper is help deal with dead skin Special information: Advantage: 1.This nail clipper is help deal with dead skin which on your hands and feet. Silicone material nail clippers.The anti-skid handle is designed with a strong handshake, the head of the pliers is bent...
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  • Stainless Steel Nail Clippers

    Stainless steel nail clippers Special information: Advantage: 1.Circular nail clippers with a bottle opener, multifunction beauty makeup tools. The nail clipper is based on lever principle, more easily to use. The blade is deal with cold and heat, good toughness and abrasion...
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  • 304 Steel Butter Scraper

    304 steel butter scraper Special information: Advantage: 1.The butter scraper blade uses a 2CR13 blade and the handle is made of red logs that can be used to cut hard cheese into small pieces. At the same time, the pattern design on the blade can also effectively prevent the...
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  • 304 Steel Environmental Cutting Knife

    304 steel environmental cutting knife Special information: Advantage: 1.This vegetable meat cleaver is available in gold and silver, and has a embossed rose on the knives. The sharp blade makes it easy to cut vegetables, poultry, fruits and meat. This vegetable is cut. The...
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