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Box Cutter Knife

Box Cutter Knife

If it is not used correctly, the wound caused by the utility knife can also be fatal.
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168*42mm and can be customized



Screw lock, sharp blade, careful use

The high-carbon steel strip is argon-quenched to make the blade hard and not brittle, sharp and durable, and is especially suitable for cutting materials such as leather, rubber, plastic and decoration. With long-lasting durability, the blade is particularly sharp, more than 2 times more durable than a normal blade, and can be matched with a variety of general-purpose knives, so it is better

The commonly used material for domestically produced utility knives is 60# steel. This steel is classified according to the carbon content and should be attributed to high carbon steel. The carbon content is about 0.6%. Within a certain range, the steel with higher carbon content After heat treatment, the hardness is higher, and the sharpening edge makes the blade very sharp.

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