Skin care steps
Jul 25, 2018

First, the first step of spring skin care - gentle cleaning

In spring, as the temperature rises, the metabolism of human skin becomes very active, and the secretion of sebaceous glands and sweat glands is also increasing. The metabolism of the skin is gradually accelerating, and the secretion of sebum and sweat is becoming more and more vigorous. Because temperature and humidity are suitable, in such an environment, it is easy to breed bacteria, long acne and oily skin. How should pregnant mothers skin care in the spring? The first step in using safe pregnant women's skin care products for skin care during pregnancy is to clean the skin--wash your face, clean the oil on your face, clear the pores and lay the foundation for the subsequent skin care steps.

Taomi water wash face has been a folk beauty sanctuary since ancient times, it dissolves some starch, protein, vitamins and minerals and other nutrients, can clean the oil on the face, dilute the pigment and prevent the appearance of fat particles, especially suitable for long acne, large pores and skin A person with partial oil.

Second, how to skin care in spring?

China has a vast territory and a large climate difference between the north and the south. In the spring, the warm and moist skin in the south is easy to breed bacteria, while the north is dry and windy. Many people will dry and peel the skin. However, whether it is "Southern Mother", "Northern Mother", "Dry Mother" or "Oil Mother", hydration is the key to skin care. In the spring, pregnant mothers only have to let the skin drink full, the water is full to be full of vitality, metabolize the skin's garbage, balance the secretion of oil, protect the skin from fresh and moist and free from infection.

Moisturizing lotion is a must-have for spring pregnant mothers. Apply a moisturizing lotion after applying toner, which will keep your skin moisturized, non-greasy and not tight, showing beautiful skin like spring. The special soymilk moisturizing lotion for pregnant women made from the original soy bean extract is the first choice for pregnant mothers to nourish the skin, improve skin texture and prevent sensitivity.

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