Oven purchase tips
Jul 25, 2018

usage frequency

Usually divided into three control automatic type (timing, temperature adjustment, power adjustment), temperature control timing type and ordinary simple type. For the average family, it is sufficient to select the temperature control timing type, because this type of function is more complete and cost-effective. If you prefer to bake foods and often need to use different baking methods, you can use the high-grade three-control automatic type. These products have all kinds of baking functions, but the price is more expensive. For families who only accidentally bake food, the ordinary simple type is an "entry-level" product. It should be noted that although this type of product is cheaper, since the temperature and time are manually controlled, the user needs to carefully grasp the heat of the baking, avoiding the food "sanding" or excessive baking, affecting the deliciousness. 

food component

The capacity of the electric oven is generally from 9 liters to 60 liters (home), so the choice of the capacity specification must fully consider the use of the electric oven. If it is only used to give a family of three toasts, 9 to 12 liters is enough; if you want to use it for roasting turkey or opening a barbecue party, you should naturally choose a large-capacity product. What needs to be reminded is that the electric oven is not as low as possible. The high-power electric oven has a faster heating rate and less heat loss, but it will save more power. Household electric ovens should generally choose products with more than 1000 watts.

inside and outside quality

A good electric oven, the first appearance should be sealed well, in order to reduce heat loss. Most of the way to open the oven is from top to bottom, so carefully test the lubrication of the door. The door should not be too tight, otherwise it will easily burn people when it is opened hard; it should not be too loose to prevent accidental falling off during use. The more the internal grill pan and the grill position of the electric oven, the better.

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