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Beauty Makeup Brush

  • Nose Hair Clipper

    To trim the nose hair, you need the correct method. First, choose a place with good light, then go to the front of the mirror. Make sure you can see the nose hair. You can trim it with a tool that trims the nose hair, but it must be cleaned and disinfected when trimming. Then...
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  • Rubber Eyelash Curler

    The eyelash curler is a make-up tool that bends the eyelashes up and makes the eyelashes that have been applied to the mascara look long and curled. The shape of the eyelash curler is consistent with the unevenness of the eye. Gently close your eyes, aim the eyelash curler at...
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  • Gold Plating Eyebrow Tweezer

    When using the tweezers to remove the eyebrows, use your index finger and thumb (or index and middle fingers) to remove the hair between the eyebrows. Hold each hair individually with tweezers and always pull quickly in the direction of hair growth. First remove the hair...
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  • Colorful Fishtail Make-up Brush

    Colorful fishtail make-up brush Special information: Advantage: 1.Beauty brush suit is so lovely, and popular among girls.High quality with graceful design. Soft brush faux fur, complete tools, easy to use. Coat evenly without shedding. 2.Multifunctional suit, one product,...
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  • Cutting Eyebrow Scissors

    Cutting eyebrow scissors Special information: Advantage: 1.Hot sale mini professional make up cutting eyebrow scissors, accord with human engineering, won’t hurt your skin.Optimizing material with delicate craft small and portable.Japanese and south Korean style popular among...
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